Fashion & Business


This programme was created to provide students with the theoretical knowledge of fashion business.  The students will be able to grasp the current strategic issues that fashion businesses face: intensifying volatility (geopolitical instability, recession, terrorism), China’s comeback? (Fast fashion industry, offshoring to African countries, outsourcing, new markets), new consumer behaviours (technology based, more demanding, consumers are harder to predict), generation gap, the wellness dividend (feeling good is the new looking good), changing the rhythm, upstream technology, organic growth (new products, improving profits internally, new segments etc…)


The students will develop a critical understanding of fashion business and learn the necessary skills to identify, analyse and solve the issues related to this field.

Profiles :
 - BTS, DUT, CPGE, 2nd year of university graduates (especially in fashion or business), the equivalent of 120 ECTS*.
 - Students with a good level in English:  a minimum TOEIC score of 650 or the grade of 13/20 at the BTS ou DUT English exam.
- strong interest in Fashion World (presentation of a portfolio).
Career prospects: 

 - Pursuing with a Master's programme or in a Grande École in France and abroad.

 - Integration into the fashion business world using the newly acquired skills.

The Program is composed of four main areas :
         - Fashion Analysis
         - Report and Data Analysis
         - Business Application
         - Personal Development
This area of expertise are taught around the followong themes :
1- Fashion Business Trends
2- Craft to Business
3- Fashion Business Management
4- Financial Management
5-Fashion Market Management
6- Fashion Communication Management
7-Commercial Development
8- Sefl development
+ Possibility to join a few modules from our other programs.


4 reasons to come study with us


  1. Improve your English language skills with100 % of your courses taught in English                                             

  2. Learn the theoretical and practical skills best suited to the current expectations of the market                                               

  3. Earn a diploma recognised in the European area of higher education (L3-180 ECTS)                                              

  4. ​Take advantage of our personal support for your personal and professional projects