I don't have a very good level of English, can I still succeed?

Is this diploma recognised by the French state?

What are the advantages for my resume?

An excellent level of English, new skills, and an original profile! 


If your goal is to work abroad, this programme was made for you!

Earning this diploma will show: your open-mindedness, your ability to adapt, and will ensure that your English language skills are recognised.

Furthermore, these courses will give you the opportunity to deepen your knowledge and put it into perspective, both conceptually and professionally. The programme is reviewed every year to always meet the expectations of the labour market.

A Bachelor of Arts with Honours is recognised in the European area of higher education as a 3-year university level diploma (180 ECTS).

It will allow you to continue studying in France or abroad.

You will be spending one year studying in English, therefore having a solid basis in English is essential!

That is why the minimum level requirement is a TOEIC score of 650 or the grade of 13/20 at the BTS or DUT English exam.

However, your motivation is an important part of your success! It is natural to feel a little overwhelmed at first, but the best way to improve yourself is to take the plunge! Your teachers will be there to support you!

If you lack some confidence, or if you need to strengthen your knowledge, some training centres offer bridging and/or preparation courses for the TOEIC. Contact them directly to learn more!